A Brief Summary of the Domestic Adoption Process

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AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc
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AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., was founded in 1994. More than two decades later, AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., continues to help families throughout the state of Georgia navigate the adoption process.

The domestic adoption process can be extremely long and complex. While adoption agencies play an invaluable role in streamlining it, individuals, couples, and families interested in domestic adoption should learn everything they can about the process before entering into it. In a broad, basic sense, the domestic adoption process can be broken down into six steps.

The first two steps involve a variety of applications and related paperwork, including an agency application and, upon acceptance, a number of personal documents and forms. After the agency has helped guide adopting parties through the first series of forms, the home-study process begins. During this time, which lasts for roughly one month, adoption professionals will inspect a home and interview all individuals living there. The home-study process also requires filling out a number of additional forms.

After the first three steps have been completed, an adoption consultant will review the file and subsequently place the adopting party on a waiting list. During the fifth step these consultants work to match the family with the ideal birth mother. This part of the process also involves introducing the birth mother’s plans to the adopting party and concludes with the birth of the child.

Finally, families who have successfully adopted will be subject to a post-adoption home visits. They will also need to attend a court hearing for the purpose of obtaining an adoption decree.