AAA Partners Offers Adoption Plan Support to Georgia Birth Mothers



Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., is led by a board of adoptive parents with a personal commitment to enabling successful adoptions with loving families. AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., stays in contact with many of its mothers over the years and emphasizes a supportive approach with those who choose to give up their babies.

In each case, an adoption plan is created that encompasses both the future of the baby and of the mother. Aspects of this include selecting a birth plan, medical care, and the adoptive family that the infant will go to, as well as associated counseling services.

Other elements of the plan include considering the emotional and financial support involved in what is often a difficult decision for mothers. After selecting the type of adoptive family desired, there are also decisions regarding the type of interactions with the family and child desired in the future. There is also attention given to providing the mother with pathways toward achieving personal goals, including career and education.