Tips for Talking about the Decision to Place a Baby for Adoption

AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc.



The AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., team carefully guides birth mothers through the adoption process, offering support in everything from the logistical to the emotional. AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., knows that one of the most difficult tasks a birth mother faces is telling family and friends that she has decided to offer a child for adoption.

Birth mothers should understand that there is no formula for sharing this information, but following a few tips can make the process easier. At the top of the list of tips is being sure to choose a trusted and caring individual to tell about the decision first. This person should be levelheaded and act as a source of strength for the rest of the process. In general, telling individuals earlier in the pregnancy makes things easier and helps birth mothers remain open and honest about the decision.

When confiding in family and friends, birth mothers will begin to hear a number of opinions, but they need to remember that they know best what is necessary for themselves and their babies. Joining a support group for birth mothers can help individuals maintain strength, especially if family and friends are not supportive. For those who need them, AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., can also connect individuals to birth mother mentors.