AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc.In more than 20 years of operation, AAA Partners in Adoption Inc. has guided hundreds of Georgia families through the complex process of adoption. Led by founder and executive director Melissa Clause, the agency focuses on three primary services: home studies, birth-parent services, and programs for adoptive parents. In addition to providing traditional adoption services, AAA partners with The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, which allows families to adopt the frozen embryos remaining after in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

AAA facilitates around 200 home studies and 25 placements each year, each of which is designed to fit the needs of both birth and adoptive parents. Committed to providing ongoing support for clients, the agency works with former birth mothers on a pathway to success that includes GED preparation classes, GED testing, and career mentoring. AAA is a registered non-profit organization and relies on donations from private individuals and client fees for its operating costs.